Peyton, Or Payton?

February 6, 2010

After last weekend’s much needed break from the norm, I’m back to predict another football game. Honestly, I have no idea why they would be playing such an important game in a place like Miami. Why not have it in the nation’s capital or something? I hear they’re having pretty good weather up there….

My last prediction of a football game for quite awhile, here it is; my pick for Super Bowl XLIV.

Indianapolis vs. New Orleans

I don’t think America could have asked for a better game. Sure, many people would’ve liked to see Brett Favre go out a champion (well, maybe just get to the Big Game), or see Rex Ryan and the upstart Jets play for it all. However, the matchup that we got is obviously the best from a strictly football perspective; these are the two best teams in the league.

As I said, I see this game being extremely close. Both teams have the ability to put up points at will, and that is why I see this being a high scoring game. Obviously, one of the keys to the game will be the play of the quarterbacks. However, I believe the play of each team’s defense will be the deciding factor. New Orleans will need to get after Peyton Manning the entire game, in hopes of rattling possibly the most composed quarterback in the game. If they are unable to do this, you’ll be paying more attention to the commercials than the game by halftime. As for the Colts defense, the play of Dwight Freeney will be sorely missed, as he will probably not be a factor in the game due to his ankle injury. The question for them is, “Will they be able to put pressure on Drew Brees?” It’s a must if they want to win, because as Brees showed us two weeks ago, if he is allowed time to throw, he will hit his target.

For the first time, the city of New Orleans’ pride is on the line in the Super Bowl. I believe that with the leadership of Drew Brees, and the support of a battle tested city with them, the Saints will beat a very good Colts team. After many tries, this year’s team will put all of the franchise’s woes to rest, and those on Bourbon Street tomorrow night will experience a party no Mardi Gras celebration could ever produce.

Final Score: 38-34 New Orleans

– K. Becks

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