Jenn Sterger Is A Piece…Of Work

December 10, 2010

I’m getting really tired of hearing what Jenn Sterger is doing to hold both the NFL and Brett Favre by their you-know-whats. It was announced yesterday that Sterger planned not to file a lawsuit against Brett Favre, but only on the grounds that the NFL itself would punish Favre. Apparently, according to Sterger’s manager Phil Reese, her goal is some acknowledgment that Favre was in the wrong. Get over yourself, Jenn. Number one, everyone knows that the NFL isn’t going to carry out any real punishment against Favre. Number two, it is quite obvious that this is just a ploy to keep you in the spotlight. If it was actually sexual harassment (in other words, something that should actually be looked into), your friend Allison Torres wouldn’t have spilled that you “just laughed when he did it”. If you wanted to stay in the spotlight, maybe you shouldn’t have gotten rid of those assets that got you there in the first place. It doesn’t really matter though, because you aren’t even that hot. Seriously, you were on Versus. On top of that, your show got cancelled after seven months. A friendly tip to anyone looking for the next Erin Andrews, it isn’t Sterger. I’d stay in-house and check out Jenn Brown. At least she made it onto SportsCenter without fooling around with Favre first. Plus, she’s a former Gator, too.

In some non Cameron Newton related college football news, it seems that Hawaii has also seen the writing on the wall. The school has announced that the football team will leave the WAC for the Mountain West starting in 2012, and all other Hawaii teams will leave the WAC for the West Coast Conference. Now, Hawaii isn’t exactly a juggernaut football program, but they have put themselves into a position to not be left out when the conferences decide to institute a playoff. I see the Mountain West combining with whatever members of the Big 12 are left when that conference breaks apart, and becoming one of the six major conferences that will send at least one team to the playoff every year. In other words, this is a very smart move for Hawaii.

I really want to know who started the rumors about Nebraska coach Bo Pelini being interested in the Miami head coaching job. Next year, Pelini’s team is moving to the Big Ten, where he will be able to use his ties to the Midwest (he is from Youngstown, Ohio) as a way to attract recruits away from his new conference opponents. He has a redshirt freshman quarterback in Taylor Martinez who is extremely versatile and will rival Denard Robinson next year as the most athletic quarterback in the Big Ten. On top of all this, Miami is in disarray, and plays in the ACC, which doesn’t even compare to the Big Ten. It would be one thing if Pelini were a Miami alumnus, or if he was connected to Miami in any way at all. In all honesty though, there is about as good a chance that Miami will give Larry Coker another shot as there is that Bo Pelini will leave what he has in Lincoln to go rebuild the Hurricanes.

Last Friday, I lied and told you that I would post my second version of what I think college football’s landscape will look like after the conference expansion that is starting to take place. I can’t say when I’m actually going to post it, but I will tell you that it will be up before the first bowl game (which is on December 18th).

– K. Becks

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