2015 NFL Playoffs: Conference Championship Round Preview

January 15, 2015

Based on my prediction history, it’s quite surprising that I have yet to incorrectly predict a game during the 2015 playoffs.

I entered a fantasy game to win tickets to next year’s Super Bowl and currently there are less than 700 people with a perfect bracket remaining. I’m starting to get interested.

This weekend also marks the last meaningful football that we will see in January. The sad reality that we will have to wait until August for the game to return is fast approaching.

Here is the preview for the Conference Championship Round.

AFC Championship

#4 Indianapolis Colts at #1 New England Patriots (Sunday, 6:40 PM ET – CBS)

After watching Peyton Manning last Sunday, it shouldn’t be a total shock that the Colts beat Denver at home. Indianapolis has a deceptively good defense and was facing a less than 100 percent healthy Manning. This weekend the Colts will have to find a way to perform similarly on the defensive end against a healthy quarterback and a humming offense. I’m not sure that Indianapolis has an answer for Rob Gronkowski, so this could be a long day for the defense.

That being said, both sides may not be able to stop the opposing offense. But when push comes to shove, I’m still more comfortable taking Brady in a playoff scenario. New England outscores Indianapolis in this one.

My Pick: 38-31 New England

NFC Championship

#2 Green Bay Packers at #1 Seattle Seahawks (Sunday, 3:05 PM ET – FOX)

In the NFC, the two best teams over the course of the regular season proved to be the two best teams when it matters most. Seattle comes into this game as the more predictable side seeing as how its quarterback doesn’t have a partially torn calf muscle. But Aaron Rodgers showed great toughness last weekend against Dallas, although it’s debatable whether the Packers would even be in this game were it not for the Calvin Johnson Rule.

With Rodgers potentially at less than 100 percent, I think that the Seahawks will come after Green Bay and will also have an answer for Eddie Lacy. Winning in Seattle is tough enough; doing it with an injured quarterback would be quite a story. It’s not going to happen, though.

My Pick: 27-16 Seattle

– K. Becks

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