What’s The Logic In This?

January 2, 2010

Today, we have five bowl games, none of which are BCS games. What exactly were the bowl executives thinking when the scheduled the Papajohns.com bowl the day after New Years? Here’s a rule of thumb; if you’re playing your bowl game after January 1st and it isn’t being played somewhere in Florida, then you’re probably hurting for money. These games may be on TV, but I don’t expect a whole lot of people to watch them.

Yesterday was a good day for me. I went 4-1, with my only loss being the West Virginia vs. FSU game, which I can’t be too sad about. Good for Bobby; he gets to go out on a high note.

Today’s games could make everyone trying to pick the winners cringe. None of these games feature really big name programs, so picking teams you don’t really know that much about is pretty much a crapshoot. Regardless, I now have a chance to win my group in the College Bowl Mania game, as I sit in 3rd place with a 15-10 record.

Here are my picks for the January 2nd bowl games.

International Bowl
South Florida vs. Northern Illinois

South Florida has been one of those teams that have impressed me ever since they started upsetting top ranked programs back in 2007. Bulls coach Jim Leavitt knows how to get his program ready for a bowl game, so I don’t think Northern Illinois will surprise his team early. I have 29 points on USF in the College Bowl Mania game.

Final Score: 38-28 South Florida

Papajohns.com Bowl
South Carolina vs. Connecticut

In possibly my favorite bowl name of the year (I didn’t know it was smart for a pizza company to promote their website; then again, this is the electronic age), I will actually be interested in this game. I think that UConn will come out with a lot of emotion, trying to win this game for their slain teammate Jasper Howard. South Carolina is probably the better football team in this game, but how much you want it has a lot to do with who brings home the hardware in bowl games. I have 4 points on UConn in the College Bowl Mania game.

Final Score: 31-30 UConn

AT&T Cotton Bowl
Oklahoma State vs. Mississippi

Many people used to love watching this game on New Year’s Day. Now, this bowl apparently thinks they’re too good to be played on the 1st, and they decided that it would be better to play in the “House that Jerry built” instead of letting the traditionally cold Dallas weather make an impact on the game. I have Oklahoma State for 8 points in the College Bowl Mania game, because I think they can score just enough against Houston Nutt’s defense.

Final Score: 24-17 Oklahoma State

AutoZone Liberty Bowl
Arkansas vs. East Carolina

Think Michigan misses Ryan Mallett? Arkansas’ QB has a cannon for an arm, and is probably laughing at the Wolverines right now. Unlike fellow gunslinger Case Keenum, Mallett won’t throw six interceptions in his bowl game. Instead, he’ll pick apart the East Carolina secondary on his way to a win. East Carolina is not a pushover, but the Arkansas passing attack has given defenses like LSU’s trouble. I have the Razorbacks for 14 points in the College Bowl Mania game.

Final Score: 34-17 Arkansas

Valero Alamo Bowl
Michigan State vs. Texas Tech

I’ve heard that they’re putting security guards around all the electrical closets in the dome, so Adam James, you don’t have to worry. In the beginning, the announcers will probably focus on the Mike Leach situation. However, let’s not forget that Texas Tech is a pretty good football team. Both teams love to pass the ball, but Texas Tech can pass it better. This game should be a shootout, which will be fun to watch. I believe that if the Red Raiders are focused on the game and not on the coaching situation, then they will win this game. I have Texas Tech for 7 points in the College Bowl Mania game.

Final Score: 45-38 Texas Tech

– K. Becks

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