What A Game!

January 5, 2010

I’ve read some articles that suggest that last night’s Fiesta Bowl was a boring game, in which neither team really played that well. Well, I’m sorry that a 17-10 game that came down to TCU’s final possession wasn’t good enough for those writers. I still think that people will look back on this game and remember it as the most interesting game of the 2010 BCS bowls.

During the trophy presentation, Boise State TE Kyle Efaw (the man who caught the pass on the fake punt) was asked if he believes his team is the number one team in the nation. He laughed, and responded, “Probably not”. Kyle, you probably know your team better than I, but I’m not taking back what I said yesterday: Boise deserves a share of the crystal ball.

Tonight’s game isn’t as anticipated as the Fiesta Bowl was. Quite honestly, I think the powers that be are going to be kicking themselves for scheduling these games so late. The holidays are over, folks. I’ve been in school for two days now, and although I’m possibly the biggest bowl game junkie I know, I’m truly not that interested. What they don’t seem to realize is that the casual fan (that is, anyone who isn’t a GT or Iowa alum) isn’t really interested in the bowl game, as much as they are interested in going over to someone’s house and watching the game over the holidays. Unfortunately, it isn’t the holidays anymore and most people aren’t willing to do that on a Tuesday night.

Regardless of my thoughts, here is my pick for today’s game.

FedEx Orange Bowl
Georgia Tech vs. Iowa

I have said before that I am a fan of the triple option, and tonight we get to see it again. Paul Johnson, who coached Navy (who also uses the triple option) before accepting the Georgia Tech job, has done a wonderful job of instituting that offense at multiple schools. Georgia Tech will likely look to go on long, offensive drives and try to wear down the Hawkeye defense. Georgia Tech has the ability to score lots of points (35.3 PPG, 1st in the ACC), but I believe the score will stay low in this one. If Kirk Ferentz was able to prepare Iowa for defending the triple option after their 45 day layoff, then this game should be close. However, I see Georgia Tech being able to score just enough to win this one.

Final Score: 24-14 Georgia Tech

I have 12 points on Tech in the College Bowl Mania game, but I’m not really paying attention to that as closely. After last night’s game, I pretty much sealed the deal, and will probably walk away as my group champion. I’ll let you guys know how it turns out at the end.

– K. Becks

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