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January 6, 2010

Tonight’s bowl game is like the fat kid who’s at the back of the pack when the class is running the mile in PE. The last non-BCS game was four days ago; why this bowl (which is being sponsored by GMAC- good move sponsoring this bowl, guys) is being played so late, I do not know.

Last night’s game got more attention than I had figured. Iowa’s win gave the Big 10 its fourth of the bowl season, and here’s the stat for the night: the Big 10 won four bowl games, all against teams in the Top 15. Guess who the last conference to do that was. The SEC? Pac-10? Try the Big 10, in 1998. Maybe the media will finally lay off this conference.

Tonight is the teaser for the national championship. I actually have a little bit of interest because if Central Michigan wins, then I lock up the win in my College Bowl Mania group. Also, a girl I know from school is going there next year, so I told her I’d root for them.

Central Michigan vs. Troy

Central Michigan should dominate this game. They have the best team offense and defense in the MAC, and Chippewas QB Dan LeFevour can score with both his feet and his arm. The kid has 41 touchdowns this season (27 passing and 14 rushing), and is the NCAA leader in career touchdowns (sure, the record is broken just about every year now, but that’s not the point). However, don’t write off Troy completely. Florida Atlantic was able to beat Central Michigan in their bowl game last year when they were huge underdogs. If Troy can make this a low scoring game, then they have a chance. I have Central Michigan for 31 points in the College Bowl Mania game, so I’m pretty confident in the Chippewas.

Final Score: 38-27 Central Michigan

– K. Becks


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