Thanks Again Pac-10

December 31, 2009

Well, yesterday I was humbled. Bowling Green and Idaho put on an offensive show as I predicted, and it turned out to be the best finish in a bowl game this year. With that being said, I wasn’t too upset that Idaho won and cost me 18 points in the College Bowl Mania game. As for the Holiday Bowl, not only was it a terrible game to watch, but Nebraska made the Pac-10 look like they had their tails between their legs while trembling in fear. Do you realize that Arizona had a shot to play in the Rose Bowl, and they even took eventual Pac-10 champion Oregon to double OT?

Today marks the first day in which more than three bowl games are being played. In fact, five are being played. Here are my picks for the December 31st bowl games.

Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl
Air Force vs. Houston

I want Air Force to be competitive in this game, but I think after the first half this game may get out of hand. Houston QB Case Keenum could be the best quarterback in the nation (sorry Colt McCoy). It isn’t a question of whether Houston will put up a lot of points in this game; it’s how many points. Air Force has the top ranked pass defense in the Mountain West Conference, but they haven’t faced anyone like Keenum. Like I said, this one could be interesting for a half, but I think Houston will take control in the second half. I have Houston for 25 points in the College Bowl Mania game, and I’m pretty confident in that pick.

Final Score: 38-24 Houston

Brut Sun Bowl
Oklahoma vs. Stanford

I am very glad that I didn’t pick Stanford in this game. I like Toby Gerhart and his bruising running style, but I have no faith in the Pac-10. Oklahoma is not as bad as their record would indicate. They shut out a solid Oklahoma State team in their season finale, and Landry Jones has started to become more comfortable running the offense. This one may be a good game, but I see Oklahoma driving the ball down the field when it matters most. I have Oklahoma for 21 points in the College Bowl Mania game, and this could really help me move up in the rankings.

Final Score: 30-21 Oklahoma

Texas Bowl
Navy vs. Missouri

I like the Midshipmen for the upset in this one. Navy is very sound defensively, and runs a very tricky triple option offense. If they can control the ball and take minutes off the clock with long offensive drives that wear down the Tiger defense, then they can come away with a win. I saw them play Ohio State early in the season, and was very impressed with this team. Another kicker: Navy is disciplined, and will not commit many turnovers or penalties. I have Navy for 11 points in the College Bowl Mania game.

Final Score: 17-13 Navy

Insight Bowl
Minnesota vs. Iowa State

When I look at this matchup, I think it’s going to be one of the worst games of the bowl season. Of course, I thought that about the Humanitarian Bowl, and look how that one turned out. I like Minnesota in this one, simply because of their wideout Eric Decker. He is an impact receiver who can pull down almost anything QB Adam Weber throws up. Plus, he’s white, and how many times do you see a white guy with these kinds of skills? I don’t really plan on watching this one, and I’m sure many people don’t either (how many people who don’t have DirecTV even have the NFL Network?), so I’ll just be hoping for some Decker play to make Top 10 on Sportscenter. I have Minnesota for 10 points in the College Bowl Mania game.

Final Score: 31-24 Minnesota

Chik-fil-A Bowl
Virginia Tech vs. Tennessee

This game has the potential to be a great one to watch. Unfortunately, the bowl people have never seemed to realize that a game featuring middle-of-the-pack SEC and ACC teams is not the best way to attract attention four hours before the ball drops for New Years. What’s a better way, you ask? Um, there is none. I guess all those “Eat more Chicken” commercials with that cow are kind of funny, so it’s a trade off. Both teams are solid defensively, so I think that Virginia Tech has an offense more capable of putting up points. This one should be close, and it Lane Kiffin did a nice job turning this program around. I have Virginia Tech for 17 points in the College Bowl Mania game, and contrary to my earlier comments, I will be watching this game.

Final Score: 30-17 Virginia Tech

Hopefully everyone has a happy New Year and a safe New Year’s Eve. 2009 has been a great year for me personally, but it’s time to turn over the calendar to 2010. Maybe next year my blog will actually get reads!

– K. Becks

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