NCAAF Week 11 Weekend Preview

November 12, 2010

Thank you, Cam Newton. For weeks, I have been getting blasted for calling you a “poor man’s Terrelle Pryor”. Well, it seems that I was wrong after all. You’re actually a rich man’s Terrelle Pryor. Although, I can’t say that I’m too surprised that people are coming out of the woodwork now about your situation. Sure, with Auburn fighting for a national championship bid, it seems natural. But you also have to figure that Kenny Rogers felt a little neglected. I mean, come on; how many of you are thinking “Kenny Rogers’ Jackass” when you hear that name? I know I do. In all seriousness though, when the FBI gets involved in things, you’re usually in trouble, and there is usually truth to the statements being made. Auburn fans, you may want to familiarize yourselves with the name Barrett Trotter.

After two weeks away, I’m back to give you a run-down of the top five games to watch this weekend.

5 Games to Pay Attention To

Georgia at #2 Auburn (Saturday, 3:30 PM EST)

If you have been reading my Weekend Preview’s throughout this season, then you know that I am a big fan of Georgia’s A.J. Green, and not such a big fan of Cam Newton. As I kept saying, Georgia, with Green, is a completely different team. That has been proven correct, as Georgia has done almost a complete 180 from where they were at five games into the season. Granted, they haven’t played any outstanding opponents, but their improvement is as clear as day. Auburn will be dealing with the Cam Newton saga, as well as the pressure that comes with being an undefeated team this late into the season. Call me crazy, but this game could be the one that sends college football fans and voters alike into a tizzy.

My Pick: 44-41 Auburn

#23 Texas A&M at Baylor (Saturday, 7 PM EST)

Baylor apparently did not want to be in the top 25, surrendering to Oklahoma State 55-28 less than a week after cracking the Top 25 for the first time since 1993. However, now that they have fallen out of the rankings, I’m sure that they feel it is okay to resume playing like a team capable of winning the Big 12 South. Robert Griffin has been everything that was advertised when he came to the program two years ago. Now, if he can lead the Bears to a win over a Texas A&M team that has been streaky all season (but who also has a capable quarterback in Jerrod Johnson), Baylor can stay in the hunt for a Big 12 Championship game berth. Who would have predicted that three years ago?

My Pick: 38-31 Baylor

#22 South Carolina at #24 Florida (Saturday, 7:15 PM EST)

At first glance, this doesn’t look like a particularly intriguing matchup. South Carolina, while knocking off Alabama earlier this season and receiving kudos from fans across the country, has been streaky all season. Florida, while being slightly overrated to start the season, is just a couple of games removed from a three game losing streak in which everyone was wondering (and not all that jokingly) if Urban Meyer would collapse. However, the winner of this game controls their destiny in the SEC East. South Carolina has never been to the SEC championship game, but the confidence in Florida isn’t really there for me. I think this game is a toss-up, with the winner still at risk of losing control of the SEC East lead considering how inconsistent both teams have been this season.

My Pick: 30-20 Florida

#17 Mississippi State at #11 Alabama (Saturday, 7:15 PM EST)

“We could have been a contender. We could have been somebody.” Maybe that’s what Mississippi State is saying after everything that has been revealed about Cam Newton and his father. I’m sure that the Bulldogs are happy with Chris Relf, though. Relf and the rest of the Mississippi team have been a pleasant surprise in the SEC this year, even though they are only 5th in the stacked SEC West. However, even as improved as they’ve looked this season, beating Alabama in Tuscaloosa will be a tall task for the Bulldogs. Coming off of a loss that squashed any chance of Alabama returning to the national title game, it is unlikely that the Crimson Tide will be caught off guard. However, if the Mississippi State defense can make Greg McElroy commit errors similar to ones that LSU forced last weekend, then they have a fighting chance against the Tide.

My Pick: 34-21 Alabama

#1 Oregon at California (Saturday, 7:30 PM EST)

So, it is a known fact that Cal is never for real in football. Often times they may fool us by starting off well, but then losing many games down the stretch that you couldn’t have possibly seen them losing when they were ranked number two earlier in the season. This season, however, Cal did not try to fool college football fans into thinking they were a top team. That is what makes them so dangerous this weekend, in my opinion. At certain times this year, Cal has shown the ability to be strong on the offensive and defensive side of the ball. Of course, they have yet to put both together in one game, but the potential is definitely there. With nothing to lose, and becoming bowl eligible if they win, Cal may give Oregon a scare. Since I think we’re still in the dark as to whether Oregon is truly the top team in the nation, any team has the potential to give them a scare, and Cal at home is as good as any.

My Pick: 48-38 Oregon

5 More to Flip To

#13 Iowa at Northwestern (Saturday, 12 PM EST)

If Iowa plays like they did last weekend, then Northwestern won’t let a win slip through their hands like Indiana did…

#16 Virginia Tech at North Carolina (Saturday, 3:30 PM EST)

At the beginning of the season, these teams were a mess. Just another example of the parody in the ACC…

Penn State at #8 Ohio State (Saturday, 3:30 PM EST)

I’m not exactly sure why College GameDay is in Columbus this weekend. I guess this game could be interesting…

#12 Oklahoma State at Texas (Saturday, 8 PM EST)

Texas will be competitive in this game. Anyone who thinks that Mack Brown is on the hot seat is crazy.

#21 Nevada at Fresno State (Saturday, 10:30 PM EST)

A couple of WAC teams who, along with Boise State, would be able to hold their own in a bigger conference. One of the more hyped games in the WAC.

The storylines of the weekend have really been played out on SportsCenter the past couple of days. This weekend has the potential to be huge. I’ll try get back into my regular schedule of posting once per week; however, if I am unable to, remember that you can still interact by joining the conversation on the “Around The Corn Sports Blog” Facebook fan page. Thanks everyone.

– K. Becks

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