NCAAF: SEC Preview

August 10, 2010

The college football preview is underway again, after a little weekend break. For those of you that were waiting for the next preview to be on Monday (I said in my Thursday post that Monday would be the next day that I did a preview post), sorry for the delay. However, I did a post about my weekend at the Mid Ohio Sports Car Course in Lexington, Ohio, and I would really appreciate it if you gave that a read as well. It’s the post right under this one, if you’re wondering.


Arguments aside, the SEC has been more or less the conference to beat throughout the past decade. The conference has had five BCS national championships, twelve BCS bowl game wins, and the best winning percentage in BCS bowl games during that time span. This year, the debate over which conference is the strongest will re-surface, and this time people may not be blowing hot air. The Southeastern Conference has the reigning National Champions in Alabama, who also boast the reigning Heisman winner in tailback Mark Ingram. However, conferences such as the Big 10 may have closed the gap that has seemed to separate the SEC from the rest of the pack throughout the last ten years. Like always, this year’s Southeastern Conference will have powerhouse teams, All-American players, and primetime matchups. Only time will tell if anyone else can keep up with them.

Team(s) With the Best Shot at a National Championship Bid

No surprise here. The best team with the best player from last year is probably a favorite to make it back to the national title game yet again. Quite honestly, the only team that can beat the Alabama Crimson Tide this year is the Alabama Crimson Tide. They have a potential trap game versus Penn State early in the year, and as always Florida and LSU (who the Tide have to play at Death Valley) will not be give-me games. However, with almost all of the essential pieces from last year’s title winning team returning on offense and a promising defense, only a lapse in concentration or poor execution can bring the Tide down.


I’m not completely sold on the Gators, but you can’t really ever count out an Urban Meyer coached team these days. Obviously, the biggest hole that the Gators will have to fill is the one left by quarterback Tim Tebow. Although John Brantley is touted as a great replacement, he will have to fill the shoes of Tebow rather quickly, as the Gators have to travel to Knoxville to face Tennessee on September 18th. I’ll be surprised if Florida remains undefeated by the middle of October, but you never know.

Watch Out! (Team That Could Surprise)

They may not look all that impressive the first few weeks of the season as redshirt freshman quarterback Aaron Murray adjusts during his first few games, but the good news is that he doesn’t have to go up against any extremely tough defenses in those games. The Bulldogs schedule is favorable (no game against LSU, at home against Arkansas, Tennessee, and Georgia Tech), and the defense should be much better than last year. After several years of disappointment, this could be the year that Georgia finally exceeds expectations.

Out-Of-Conference Game To Watch
Arkansas vs. Texas A&M (October 9th)

There aren’t really any national title implications here, but the star power is definitely there. Ryan Mallet (Arkansas) and Jerrod Johnson (Texas A&M) are two of the best quarterbacks in college football, and both could be strong Heisman candidates by the end of the season. Both of these gunslingers should have a field day against questionable defenses, so the game should be a fun one to watch from an offensive standpoint. This game could end up being one, big highlight reel.

In-Conference Game To Watch
Alabama vs. Florida (October 2nd)

Chances are, both of these teams will be undefeated and probably in the Top 5 when this game is played. Might this be only Part I of II in the Alabama/Florida saga of 2010? Although one team’s national title hopes will take a serious hit after the conclusion of this game, the SEC title game may be a chance for the loser to exact their revenge.

Conference Predictions

East Division

1. Florida (11-1, [7-1])
2. Georgia (10-2, [6-2])
3. Tennessee (7-5, [4-4])
4. South Carolina (6-6, [3-5])
5. Kentucky (6-6, [3-5])
6. Vanderbilt (1-11, [0-8])

West Division

1. Alabama (12-0, [8-0])
2. Arkansas (10-2, [6-2])
3. LSU (9-3, [5-3])
4. Auburn (6-6, [3-5])
5. Mississippi (5-7, [2-6])
6. Mississippi State (2-10, [0-8])

Championship Game (Alabama vs. Florida)
Winner: Alabama

Considering that most of my readers are from the Midwest, you’ll be happy to know that the next college football preview is the Big Ten Conference.

– K. Becks

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