NCAAF: Final Thoughts

August 28, 2010

In my last college football preview post, I’ll give you my short list of Heisman Trophy candidates, as well as some other stories that I think will make headlines during this season. I was going to do my own rendition of a preseason Top 25, but those things are so off by the end of the season that I don’t even think it is necessary.

Heisman Trophy Short List (in no real order)
Terrelle Pryor, Ohio State Buckeyes QB

Thanks to last season’s great performance in the Buckeyes Rose Bowl win over Oregon, Terrelle Pryor has made it onto almost everyone’s Heisman Trophy short list. Pryor should be much improved from the shaky freshman that we were introduced to two years ago, but he’s going to need to play like he did in the Rose Bowl all season, not just for one game if he wants to stay on this list as the season progresses. A game like he had against Purdue last season will all but squash his hopes of holding up the Heisman bust in New York.

Mark Ingram, Alabama Crimson Tide RB

It would be stupid not to include Ingram on this list. After all, the junior tailback did win it last season, and there is no indication that would suggest he can’t have a similar season this year. However, I think he would actually have to surpass his accomplishments of last season in order to win again. You don’t have to believe it, but I think the voters would have to see something really special in order to add another player to the list of “Two Time Heisman Winner”. It’s a hallowed title that I don’t know if the voters are comfortable tampering with by adding more names to the list.

Kellen Moore, Boise State Broncos QB

Whether or not Kellen Moore is on anything but the preseason Heisman short list depends on how he performs against Virginia Tech. For many viewers, this will be one of the first times (and quite frankly, one of the last times this season) that they will see Moore in action. He supposedly has the arm strength and awareness that is on par with quarterbacks from the big schools, but the question to be answered is “Can he look good playing against a defense with NFL caliber talent?” Right now, many people still think he is accumulating yards against inferior competition. Luckily for Moore, he has a chance this season to silence the critics.

Ryan Mallett, Arkansas Razorbacks QB

Since it is pretty much an unwritten rule that your team actually has to be good in order to be seriously considered for the Heisman Trophy, Washington quarterback Jake Locker is out of luck. However, possibly the next best quarterback in college football may be Ryan Mallett, and luckily for him, Arkansas has the potential to be pretty good this year. The guy that threw for over 3500 yards and 30 touchdowns last season is poised to have another great year. Imagine how Michigan must be feeling about losing this guy…

A.J. Green, Georgia Bulldogs WR

ESPN’s Todd McShay ranked him as the number four prospect for the 2011 NFL Draft, and for good reason. The 6-4 Junior has athleticism that allows him to grab pretty much anything that is thrown his way, which is a good thing considering that Georgia will rely on a redshirt freshman at quarterback. If the Bulldogs decide to go to the air a significant amount of the time, then Green will be the go-to guy, and could find himself on the Heisman Watch all season long.

Things I Think Will Happen
Boise State WILL go undefeated

Most people aren’t giving Boise State a snowballs chance of beating Virginia Tech. They refer to things like Boise’s trip to Georgia in 2005, their 6-8 record against BCS teams in the last nine years, and the fact that they play in the WAC as to why they don’t stand a chance against the Hokies. I’d like to point out that this is a team that has 20 starters back who didn’t lose a game last season, has a Heisman Trophy hopeful in quarterback Kellen Moore, and isn’t even playing Virginia Tech at home. Yea, it’s being played in Landover, Maryland. It seems almost irresponsible to count out a team with those factors on their side.

Alabama, on the other hand, will lose

I know I picked the Crimson Tide to go undefeated, but that’s because I predicted teams records by looking at their schedule, and I think that on paper, Alabama is better than all their opponents. However, the SEC is almost impossible to remain perfect in, and doing it twice in one season is even tougher (just ask the Florida Gators). If you look at last season, Alabama had some really close calls (remember the Tennessee game?), and I just don’t think you can count on everything going your way two seasons in a row, especially in the SEC.

Rich Rodriguez will be out of Michigan by the end of, or soon after, the end of the season

Is there anything to suggest that Michigan will do well enough this season for them to keep him around? He has discrepancies at quarterback, he’s going to try to run the spread offense (which hasn’t worked in the Big Ten since 2007), and the Big Ten is arguably better than it has been in years. Personally, I think that Les Miles will be the next guy they bring in (he is a Michigan guy…), but even if they don’t, I still think that Rich Rod will be gone before next season.

Big Stories In 2010-2011 (I Think…)

– Texas and Florida will lose earlier in the season than many people expect
– Oklahoma will be back
– Notre Dame won’t
– Boise State will cruise…after they beat both Virginia Tech and Oregon State
– There will be two undefeated teams in the National Championship once again
– There will still be arguments even though two undefeated teams will be playing for the National Championship
– More teams will join new a new conference

College football starts in less than a week, and I can barely contain my excitement. Since college football always allows for conversation, feel free to let me know your thoughts about anything college football by commenting in the comment section, sending me an email at, or posting a comment on the Around The Corn Sports Blog fan page on Facebook. Thanks again to everyone who has read even one of my college football previews, and I’m ready to experience yet another great season!

– K. Becks

3 Responses to NCAAF: Final Thoughts

  1. Jack on September 7, 2010 at 10:47 pm

    Let's assume Boise goes undefeated… Will it be enough for a bid in the national championship or will there be a repeat of last year? And if Boise does not go to the National Championship once again how will that affect the chances of a tournament system much like march madness?

  2. K. Becks on September 9, 2010 at 5:11 pm

    We'll just have to see. One thing is for sure; either Alabama or Ohio State will have to slip up for Boise State to have a shot. If neither of those teams lose, then Boise will just be the third ranked team with an undefeated record.

    However, I think that Alabama is going to slip up. That doesn't necessarily mean that Boise will get into the NC game even then. There has been talk that even if Boise is one of two undefeated teams, they could be overlooked for a national title bid in favor of a one loss power conference team.

    As for where they end up in this postseason, it really doesn't affect the future playoff all that much. That is likely already on its way; Boise being snubbed in favor of a one loss team would amount to icing on the cake.

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