National Signing Day

February 3, 2010

Today is an exciting day for many high school seniors across the country; National Signing Day. I’ve always been puzzled as to why ESPNU devotes an entire day’s worth of TV time to covering this event. Not only do I find it extremely boring (honestly, how interesting is it to watch a high schooler put on a hat and grab a jersey?), but I really don’t agree with its importance, either. Consider this: in 2007, the following teams were ranked by ESPN a Top 10 recruiting class for college football: South Carolina (#4), Tennessee (#5), Notre Dame (#8), and Michigan (#10). This class of young men will be seniors in the upcoming football season. Correct me if I’m wrong, but these teams aren’t exactly on your short list of teams capable of vying for a National Championship next season, are they?

I think that good coaching can take a team much further than prized recruits. In that same recruiting class I just mentioned, Georgia Tech was ranked #14, Alabama #17, Ohio State #20, Oregon #23, and Iowa #24. Right there are half your participants from the 2010 BCS bowl games.

I’m not saying that recruiting isn’t completely void of importance. I’m just saying that if it were just about compiling the best high school players every year, we wouldn’t have as highly paid coaches as we do. So please, ESPNU, put something else on next year. A replay of a game. Anything other than this. It’s like watching poker on TV.

Now that I have completely blasted the entire event, let me take the time to congratulate all the high school athletes that made their decision on where they will be attending college next year. As a high school athlete myself, I understand the hard work and determination that it takes to compete, and continuing on to the next level is something to be proud of.

Finally, in a sincere, yet equally lame effort to attain more readerships, here is my shout out of the day: Meghan, best of luck to you in continuing your athletic career. I’m sure that you will make the Chips pleased that they recruited you.

– K. Becks

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