“Don’t Tase Me, Bro!”

May 5, 2010

It has effectively been two and a half weeks since my last blog post. I swear, every day during these past two and a half weeks, I have said to myself “I am going to post a new blog entry today”, only to fall asleep for two hours and not have time to do so. I don’t know why the end of April and May are so busy, but other than the nice weather, this time of year sucks. Anyway, hopefully this is a good entry, because I kind of owe my subscribers (who, at this point, I know every one of personally and who really don’t care whether or not I post a new entry) for my absence. So, here you go guys; here’s something for you to read instead of paying attention in class.

Most people have probably heard of Steve Consalvi by now, or at least are aware of his famous stunt performed on Monday, when he ran onto the field at a Philadelphia Phillies game and was tased by police. I thought that it was hilarious, and since no one died, I have no problem with saying that. However, on Tuesday night, another man decided that pulling essentially the same stunt would be just as funny. First off, nothing is as funny the second time. Secondly, this guy (who is known as DJ Thoroughbred in Philadelphia) had illegal narcotics in his pocket when he was taken off the field. Not only did the novelty of his action wear off the night before when Steve Consalvi was walked off the field, but when you throw in that Tom Betz (okay, he should have to legally change his name to DJ Thoroughbred for this) had illegal drugs in his pocket, it’s just plain stupid. Steve Consalvi is famous for being funny. Tom Betz is infamous for being dumb, and will likely be forgotten in a week. Remind me again which one of these guys is seventeen…

Since we’ve covered sports where fans go onto the field, we should probably cover a sport where players have been known to go into the stands (okay, I know that was 2004, but I needed a lead into this topic). The Phoenix Suns have decided to voice their political views by altering their jerseys for Game 2 of their playoff series against the San Antonio Spurs. The “Los Suns” will be honoring “our Latino community and the diversity of our league, the state of Arizona, and our nation,” according to Suns owner Robert Sarver. I’ve heard some people say that politics has no place in sports, but I actually like this idea. Sure, I find it hard to rattle off names of current NBA players with Hispanic backgrounds, but this is good publicity for the league. Hell, even Obama is getting into it. If anything, it’s probably going to increase ratings for the game tonight, since people will want to see the jerseys.

The Bengals must like trouble. Well, that’s a given; we know they like trouble. Cincinnati is at it again, as it looks like they will sign cornerback Adam “Pacman” Jones to a deal, after he was out of the league for the entire season in 2009. However, he wasn’t out last season because of any suspensions or arrests. No, he just isn’t that good. It seems that the Bengals have a knack for picking up players that are troublemakers and not that good, as they also signed wide receiver Matt Jones to a deal. My question is what was their rationale in signing Pacman? They already have a solid cornerback core, and they just drafted Wake Forest cornerback Brandon Ghee in the third round.

This last topic is somewhat dated, but was the biggest event of the last weekend in sports. The Kentucky Derby was won by Super Saver, who was ridden by jockey Calvin Borel. I think it goes to show how important an experienced jockey can be, as this is Borel’s third Derby win in four years. However, I think that we’re going to have to wait another year to see a Triple Crown winner. The muddy conditions made it hard to determine who the overall best horse could be, and it’s likely that both the second and third place horses at the Kentucky Derby will be racing at the Preakness as well.

I’ve already talked about Pacman Jones today, but I’m bringing him up again for the sake of the newest poll. Jones is a troublemaker, but is he as hard for teams to handle as Milton Bradley? Bradley is in the news today for reportedly asking the Mariners’ organization for help with stress. It’s kind of ironic that a player who throughout his career has been such a headache for management is now asking for help with his own stress. There’s an article about him, and it actually makes me feel a little bad for him. So, what do you think? Vote on the newest blog poll, and I’ll give you my thoughts on what I think when the poll expires. As for my opinions on the last poll, “Will the Browns ruin Colt McCoy”, I feel that they will. Although Mike Holmgren is running the show in Cleveland now, they still have major issues concerning the offense, ones that will take more than the mind of Holmgren to fix. Assuming that McCoy will be thrown into the action sometime during the upcoming season, he will be subject to learning on the job, just as Tim Couch was. How did that work out for Couch, anyway?

As I said, I’m extremely busy right now, but I’ll try to update more frequently than every two and a half weeks. Thanks for staying with me, guys.

– K. Becks

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