2015 MLB Power Rankings 5/31

May 31, 2015

For the first time in what seems like many months, I’m finally keeping a promise to post an article on schedule.

We’re about two full months into the Major League season, and although it’s a long road to the playoffs, things are slowly but surely starting to take form. Teams at the top are looking for ways to stay there while teams at the bottom are quickly realizing that the chance to say “it’s still very early” is disappearing.

As we take a look at the new Power Rankings, keep in mind that the number in parenthesis next to the team name is where that club was ranked in the previous edition.

1. St. Louis Cardinals (3)

2. Minnesota Twins (12) – For the first time since the mid-2000s, the Twins are leading the ultra-competitive AL Central. Fans in Minneapolis likely haven’t even had time to digest the sudden success.

3. Houston Astros (1)

4. Los Angeles Dodgers (4) – Clayton Kershaw hasn’t been his dominating self thus far, but the rest of the staff is picking up the slack. Los Angeles could be very dangerous come the dog days of summer if/when Kershaw finds his groove.

5. Washington Nationals (7) – It was only a matter of time before many pundits’ pick to win the World Series this season came out of its funk.

6. Kansas City Royals (2)

7. San Francisco Giants (11)

8. Los Angeles Angels (13)

9. New York Mets (6)

10. Chicago Cubs (9) – Fans are obviously pleased with the direction things seem to be heading with the organization, but the Cardinals are still the team to beat in the NL Central.

11. New York Yankees (8)

12. Texas Rangers (22) – Every team save Oakland has awoken in the AL West. It should be an interesting summer for the division.

13. Detroit Tigers (5) – Suddenly, Detroit doesn’t look so formidable in the AL Central. What’s even more surprising are the teams that are ahead of the Tigers currently.

14. Pittsburgh Pirates (20)

15. Tampa Bay Rays (10)

16. Atlanta Braves (14) – Even though the team is rebuilding, it’s hard not to look at an Atlanta Braves team hovering around .500 and wonder when they’re going to make a run.

17. Arizona Diamondbacks (24)

18. Seattle Mariners (18)

19. Cleveland Indians (25) – Still a ways away from truly competing in the AL Central, but at least Cleveland is beginning to provide some run support for a respectable pitching staff.

20. Baltimore Orioles (21)

21. San Diego Padres (16) – The most exciting offseason project in baseball has yet to produce results that will sustain a 32,000 average attendance at Petco Park for an entire season.

22. Cincinnati Reds (17)

23. Chicago White Sox (15)

24. Toronto Blue Jays (23)

25. Colorado Rockies (29)

26. Boston Red Sox (19) – Boston’s saving grace is that, at this point, the AL East is the weakest division in the majors.

27. Miami Marlins (28)

28. Oakland Athletics (30)

29. Philadelphia Phillies (26)

30. Milwaukee Brewers (27)

– K. Becks

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