2013 MLB Power Rankings (5/9)

May 9, 2013

For those of you wondering why I haven’t been posting very many articles to the site in the past two months, I apologize. I simply cannot stay awake after my other commitments during the day to be able to write coherent articles most of the time.

That, and the fact that I’m still a Featured Columnist over at Bleacher Report for Boise State football, leaves me with very little time to devote to Around The Corn.

I’ll make you all a deal, though. You keep commenting on my MLB Power Rankings, and I’ll see what I can do with regards to the frequency of posts. If my readers keep demanding more, I’ll simply have to tell my bosses at my other jobs for which I get paid that I’m busy.

Just kidding. You’ll actually just have to live with it.

But…here are the newest MLB Power Rankings. The number in parenthesis next to each team is the position that the team was in for the last rankings.

1. San Francisco Giants (7)- The Giants have been playing well lately, but there should be some concern over the fact that they have just a +3 run differential and that five of the team’s last six wins have been by one run.

2. Boston Red Sox (3)

3. St. Louis Cardinals (5)- Coming into the day with the best record in baseball, it’s hard to see how the Cardinals aren’t at the top of the list. Really hard. Like hard enough that they probably would have been had they not just been going about their business as usual.

4. Atlanta Braves (1)

5. Baltimore Orioles (9)

6. Detroit Tigers (18)- The Tigers are right where everyone thought they would be, but they better not get comfortable any time soon. The team from down South is quickly gaining steam in the month of May…

7. Texas Rangers (2)

8. Cleveland Indians (23)- The hottest team in baseball is doing everything right. Great hitting, great pitching and of course…a little bit of good luck.

9. New York Yankees (14)

10. Washington Nationals (21)- The upcoming weekend may be a big one for the Nats. Washington plays the Cubs, while Atlanta must travel to San Francisco. A change at the top of the division could be on the horizon.

11. Kansas City Royals (11)

12. Arizona Diamondbacks (12)

13. Cincinnati Reds (10)

14. Colorado Rockies (4)- The Rockies have cooled off a bit since the last Power Rankings, but are still hitting the ball well. When Troy Tulowitzki comes back healthy, don’t be surprised if Colorado gives San Francisco company at the top of the NL West again.

15. Pittsburgh Pirates (6)

16. San Diego Padres (28)

17. Oakland Athletics (8)- Bob Melvin can yell all he wants about a blown call, but here’s the deal: The A’s getting swept by Cleveland is what separates Oakland from division leader Texas.

18. Minnesota Twins (15)

19. Seattle Mariners (26)

20. Tampa Bay Rays (16)- If David Price can return to form, this team should be okay. There are simply too many guys performing at a high level for the Rays not to make a run at some point. 

21. Philadelphia Phillies (25)

22. Milwaukee Brewers (13)

23. Chicago White Sox (24)

24. New York Mets (17)

25. Chicago Cubs (29)

26. Toronto Blue Jays (22)- Is it really possible that this team was the Vegas favorite to win the World Series before the season began? Toronto is playing so uninspired, but not as poorly as…

27. Los Angeles Angels (19)

28. Los Angeles Dodgers (20)- …these guys. It just goes to show that money can’t buy you happiness out in L.A. like it can in New York. Well, actually, it kind of can…

29. Houston Astros (27)

30. Miami Marlins (30)

– K. Becks

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