2013 MLB Postseason Predictions

October 3, 2013

I’m not exactly thrilled to be writing this right now…I’m an Indians fan, and I am less than 24 hours removed from being much less invested in the MLB playoffs.

However, the playoffs have already begun, and I haven’t made my predictions public yet. I’ll keep the commentary very short, because I know most of you reading this are concerned with my picks, not my analysis.

Here they are.


Pittsburgh Pirates vs. St. Louis Cardinals (Game 1: Thursday, 5:00 PM ET on TBS)

This is the game that was actually underway when I began typing this article. I’m going to go with the Cardinals in four, despite the fact that I’d rather see Pittsburgh continue the feel good story.

Prediction: St. Louis in four

Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Atlanta Braves (Game 1: Thursday, 8:30 PM ET on TBS)

Los Angeles was the hottest team in baseball from mid-July to mid-August, but I don’t see the Dodgers being able to take the Braves to five games.

Prediction: Atlanta in four


Tampa Bay Rays vs. Boston Red Sox (Game 1: Friday, 3:00 PM ET on TBS)

Tampa Bay has already gone on the road twice in these playoffs and come out alive in win-or-go-home situations…they can do it again here.

Prediction: Tampa Bay in five

Detroit Tigers vs. Oakland Athletics (Game 1: Friday, 9:30 PM ET on TBS)

The Tigers are dangerous, but finished under .500 against the Athletics this season (at 3-4). It shouldn’t be a surprise when Oakland moves on in this one.

Prediction: Oakland in five


Atlanta Braves vs. St. Louis Cardinals (Friday, October 11)

Atlanta has enough offensive firepower to put away the Cardinals.

Prediction: Atlanta in six


Tampa Bay Rays vs. Oakland Athletics (Game 1: Saturday, October 12)

Joe Maddon makes the right pitching changes at crucial points of Games 3 and 4, which give Tampa a 3-1 lead heading into Game 5. They won’t relinquish the series lead completely, but it’ll be interesting.

Prediction: Tampa Bay in seven

World Series

Tampa Bay Rays vs. Atlanta Braves (Game 1: Wednesday, October 23)

For the first time since 1995, the Braves sit atop Major League Baseball as world champions.

Prediction: Atlanta in six

– K. Becks

One Response to 2013 MLB Postseason Predictions

  1. Bill Hughes on October 3, 2013 at 10:06 pm


    I’m watching the “Braves game” right now and I cannot help but comment on your predictions with my own predictions.
    I’ll leave it to you if you believe this statement or not, but I did predict both of the wild card games correctly. (Amazingly) Any how let’s go into the predictions. I have the benefit of knowing that the Cardinals already destroyed the Pirates in game one, but again I must ask you to trust me that I am not altering my picks at all.

    We’ll start with the NLDS since it’s playing tonight.

    For about the only time I’ll agree with you in your predictions I also have St. Louis winning in four. Sadly as I cannot believe the words coming out of my fingers right now.

    St. Louis in four

    The second matchup in the NLDS is where I would like to spend the most of my time. I will use this argument later when talking about the Tigers, but one thing that every World Series champ has in common is great pitching. With the Dodgers having the lowest ERA in the National League the will waltz away with this series despite not having home field advantage. They’ve only lost 28 games since calling Yasiel Puig up, but I don’t think that’s going to matter much in this series.
    At one point in time the Braves went to the playoffs 11 years in a row making it out of the divisional series six of those times. The last six times they have been in the postseason they failed to get out of the divisional series or even the wild card game.
    I believe with the Dodgers pitching staff and the Braves lack of success in the postseason, and benching Dan Uggla for the series mix together to make a deathly cocktail for the Braves.

    Braves will be gone in three games.

    Moving into the AL
    The first game I would like to discuss is the matchup between the Rays and Red Sox. In 19 games this year the Sox are 12-7 against the Rays. While this should be defining I don’t think it will be. I don’t agree in the Rays winning in five, but I do agree in a five game series.

    Red Sox in five.

    The Athletics and Tigers pose an interesting matchup. I only say it’s interesting because I don’t see the Athletics continuing their successful season against the Tigers. The Tigers pitching staff will be better than the A’s offense. We all know that Billy Beane wants to win the last game of the season, but that won’t happen this year.

    Tigers in four.

    More exciting now we can talk about the championship series
    The Dodgers and Cardinals will meet in St. Louis and This is the time that the Cardinals fail. Like I mentioned earlier. Pitching is key in the playoffs because everyone can produce. That is equally true of the Dodgers, so the deadly combination of good batting and even better pitching will allow the Dodgers to advance.

    Dodgers in five. They’ll get to celebrate at home for once.

    The Dodgers will have to wait to see it, but a couple of days after they win the NLCS they will find out that the Detroit Tigers will take the Bo Sox in six games.

    World Series
    While I am high on the Dodgers and should regret making this decision. I do not believe by any means that Kershaw, Greinke and the bunch will be able to carry the Dodgers past the Tigers. Expect Verlander and Scherzer to aid the Tigers in rebounding from last years sweep and win this series.

    Tigers will take it in six.

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