2012 MLB Power Rankings (7/26)

July 26, 2012

We’re just a few days from the trade deadline, where it will become clear which teams are making a push for the playoffs and which ones are preparing for next season. As we approach the dog days of summer, expect the race for playoff spots to heat up immensely.

Here is the latest MLB Power Rankings.

1. Washington Nationals (3)- If you think the Nationals are really going to shut down Strasburg when he eclipses the 160-inning mark, please stand up. Anyone…anyone?

2. New York Yankees (1)

3. Texas Rangers (2)

4. Cincinnati Reds (8)- The Reds continue to amaze me with their ability to reel off multiple 5+ game win streaks and still be in a tight race in the NL Central.

5. San Francisco (9)

6. Oakland Athletics (18)- The Athletics have crept up on everyone in the AL West, putting themselves at the top of the AL Wild Card race. Don’t tell them now, but they’re about halfway to the 20-game win streak that was prominently featured in that movie about the club last fall.

7. Pittsburgh Pirates (6)

8. Chicago White Sox (5)

9. Atlanta Braves (10)

10. Detroit Tigers (11)- Inconsistency has been an issue for the Tigers this year, and it’s getting to the point where it may start to cost them.

11. Los Angeles Dodgers (4)

12. Los Angeles Angels (7)

13. Baltimore Orioles (12)- It’s probably wishful thinking for Baltimore fans that the Orioles can seriously contend for the AL East crown, but the team has come a long way this season. They’re not out of the playoff picture, either.

14. St. Louis Cardinals (13)

15. Tampa Bay Rays (16)

16. Arizona Diamondbacks (22)

17. Cleveland Indians (15)- The ability to win the opening game of a series is important. However, just as important is the ability to win the other games, which is something Cleveland has struggled with this season.

18. Boston Red Sox (17)

19. Toronto Blue Jays (19)

20. San Diego Padres (29)- The only reason San Diego is ahead of Milwaukee and New York is because both teams are currently suffering through extended losing streaks.

21. Milwaukee Brewers (20)

22. New York Mets (14)- The last week and a half may have destroyed any chance the Mets had of making a surprise playoff appearance.

23. Kansas City Royals (23)

24. Philadelphia Phillies (24)

25. Seattle Mariners (26)

26. Miami Marlins (21)- The Hanley Ramirez trade was this team’s waving of the white flag. Prepare for 2012, Marlins fans.

27. Chicago Cubs (27)

28. Minnesota Twins (25)

29. Colorado Rockies (28)- The Rockies could potentially make great strides towards the future if they were to ship off Carlos Gonzalez for multiple prospects. The time to sell couldn’t be higher.

30. Houston Astros (30)

– K. Becks

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