Floyd the New Jose?

May 21, 2010

The biggest story in sports right now is U.S. cyclist Floyd Landis admitting that he did in fact take performance enhancing drugs. Well, thanks Floyd; after four years of denial, a downward spiral of your entire life since the accusations were made, and being wanted by French police for hacking into a French laboratory that had evidence that you doped, you have finally come clean. Of course, that wasn’t enough for you, was it? Trying to bring down Lance Armstrong was in your plan all along. Here’s the thing, though: not only is your word viewed with suspicion after lying for four years, but even if you do happen to be correct, Lance Armstrong will still be loved by the public. Forget the seven consecutive Tour de France titles; Lance has become a symbol of resilience and determination, an idol that people struggling in their own lives can look up to and realize that they are capable of overcoming whatever odds have been stacked up against them. In the years since his incredible cycling run, his legacy has morphed into more than just being a champion on the bike. He is a champion in life, and for that he cannot be brought down. Especially by someone like you, Floyd; you caused Americans to be ashamed and embarrassed, and they haven’t forgotten that. You say you don’t want to be part of the problem anymore; if that is true, then why are you creating a whole new one in accusing Lance of taking PEDs? Just like all the events that occurred after your tainted 2006 Tour de France victory, it’s sad.

In addition to that story, the NBA Conference Finals are well underway, and I said that this was the time when I was going to finally start watching some of the games. However, I lied. I have yet to watch an NBA playoff game this season, and barring unforeseen circumstances, I probably won’t until the Finals start. However, I am going to predict that a rematch of the 2008 Finals will occur. Los Angeles has been handling Phoenix pretty well so far, and Boston’s defense is again coming through for Doc River’s aging team. However, the NBA is probably cursing Boston, because with the Celtics’ victory over the Cavs last round, the NBA lost their selling point to casual fans. Also, the Lebron free agency saga has attracted so much more media attention than the actual games in the NBA that it’s not even funny. Speaking of which, if Lebron knows what’s best for him, then he’ll stay in Cleveland. Besides Chicago, two types of teams are lusting after Lebron: 1. A team that already has a superstar, and bringing in Lebron would force them to clear house of just about every individual in the organization who can dribble a ball due to payroll limitations (ex. Miami Heat) or 2. A team that isn’t very good right now, and even with Lebron wouldn’t be a championship contender for another seven years (Ex. Los Angeles Clippers, New York Knicks). Since Lebron wants to create his own legacy, and Chicago already has one, returning to Cleveland make the most sense for him from a strictly basketball standpoint. However, as we know in pro sports, money talks, and if the greens in another city are music to Lebron’s ears, then we may see him in a different uniform next season.

Last post I asked my readers which teams the Big Ten will expand with if they decide to expand their conference. The opinions varied, but when the poll closed, current Big East schools Pittsburgh and Rutgers received the most votes. I agree for with my readers for the most part, but I also think that the Big Ten wants to expand West as well as East. With that being said, I would also include Missouri in the conversation of who the Big Ten may possibly take. It makes sense from a geographical standpoint, and Missouri already has a longstanding football rivalry with Illinois that would be able to continue in the Big Ten. The talk of expansion has since died down, but it will resurface, and next time some changes may actually be made. I’m not a fan of expansion, but once again, money talks. Especially to someone like Jim Delany.

A few days ago, my promotional manager decided to put the sugar from those sour Skittles up his nose, and ended up walking around school the rest of the day with extremely red eyes. I told him that in my next post, I would give him a shout out by finding an injury that an athlete suffered while doing something boneheaded or head-scratching. Thanks to the Yankees’ Marcus Thames, I didn’t have to go back very far to find one. On Wednesday night, Thames was running to first base after a hit when oops!…he stepped on his own bat. He ended up being diagnosed with a sprained ankle, which is unfortunate for him considering the only reason he was playing was because he was filling in for the injured Nick Swisher. So there you go, Zach. There’s your shout out.

Since school is coming to an end, I will have more free time to devote to the blog. With this being said, expect more frequent posting. The end of May and early June is a busy time in sports, so here’s a lineup of some of the things I will be covering in the next month or so: the NBA Finals, the French Open, a complete World Cup preview, and a special article about a juggernaut fencing team from the East Coast. Also, remember that every time I post, there will be a new poll up for my readers to vote on. Thanks everyone and I appreciate the continued support.

– K. Becks

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